Turn Back the Age Spots on the Hands of Time

age spot comparison pictures

While we tend to focus most of our at home regimens at regaining youthfulness in our face, we need to consider other areas of our skin that tend to be susceptible to the same timeline and conditions of aging. Our neck, décolletage, and hands are generally exposed to the same amount of damaging UV rays and are frequently not covered with SPF on a daily basis. The skin in these areas is thinner, which is therefore less forgiving when it comes to camouflaging photodamage.

How many of us have seen older celebrities who have aged gracefully in their face, only to look down and see years of sun damage present on their décolletage? It’s never too late to feel confident in your own skin. Advances in aesthetics make it easy to turn back the hands of time and achieve anti-aging improvements on previously unconsidered areas. 

 One of our patients in her 70’s was looking forward to a beach trip with some of her girlfriends. She was thrilled to see these gals in person after years of being across the country from one another.  They enjoyed playing cards when they got together; however, she was dismayed at how her hands had accumulated discoloration over the years. She shared her insecurity with us and we scheduled two hand IPL treatments. In two months, her pigmentation was gone and she enjoyed a wonderful time with her friends!

 Many of the revitalizing procedures we offer can be used to treat most areas of the body. We invite you to ” March” in and uncover your vitality with a custom designed treatment plan that targets all your individual aesthetic goals. Schedule a consultation today – 804.330.8024